Russell’s RTK Network

The most accurate RTK correction signal without installing your own base station:

Save fuel and input costs by ensuring parallel passes when working in straight lines, curves, pivots or on undulating ground, minimising skips and overlaps.

With 2.5cm accuracy when drilling, planting, spraying, cultivating or harvesting, your operator can focus on his job.

Operators using guidance solutions report “being less fatigued and stressed”.

With Russell RTK Network enabled guidance systems, Controlled Traffic Farming can be operated, leading to a significant reduction in field compaction improving overall yields.

Subscribe to the Russell RTK Network
Cost effective, reliable and accurate

£50Precision Farming Experts no background0 per receiver – first 2 units
£400 per receiver – subsequent units

  • Your subscription runs annually from
    1st February to 31st January
  • You have access to the entire network via
    secure access codes.
  • We use dedicated radio base stations.
  • Full range of universally compatible
    equipment backed by New Holland.
  • Professional installation and commissioning.
  • Our precision farming specialists will offer
    advice on the best solution for your needs.

Russell Group RTK Network – FAQ

What is it?
The Russell RTK Network is a unique collaboration between Russell’s and a group of our customers. The Network provides cost effective access to incredibly accurate RTK GPS precision farming, covering an area from Sedgefield to below the M62.

How does it work?
RTK GPS uses a base station signal (see the map for network coverage) to broadcast a correctional radio signal to your receiver, located on the vehicle. The GPS antenna of the vehicle and the base station receive positioning data from GPS satellites and the RTK base station then sends a corrected signal to the vehicle’s antenna/receiver to triangulate the vehicle’s exact position.

What does it do?
RTK (Real Time Kinematic) navigation gives you astonishingly reliable and accurate guidance compared to other GPS systems. With standard GPS auto-steer equipment, vehicles can drift between 0.5 and 1.5m year on year. RTK provides accuracy of 1-3 cm which means that overlaps can be reduced to just 0.33% on machinery passes.

Why have a network?
The principle is to create a large geographical area that does not limit users to small areas of signal coverage. We achieve this by using a network of base stations and repeaters. The signals from these base stations and repeaters overlap, providing you with robust coverage across the region.

Why choose RTK?
Quite simply RTK is the most accurate precision farming solution around. Other systems are available but we and our customer partners have invested in the best solution possible. Other systems may rely on mobile phone signals or the internet, which are notoriously unpredictable in many rural areas.

What if I don’t use New Holland equipment?
No problem. We use Trimble precision farming equipment which is universally compatible. So whatever machines you operate, we can help you with all your precision farming needs.

I’ve heard that precision farming very expensive?
Not really when you consider the possible benefits.

The annual subscription to the full Russell RTK Network is only £500 per receiver.

RTK is essential for low speed, high precision planting and drilling. Other, less accurate GPS signals are available but are not recommended where accuracy is essential. We can help you calculate potential cost savings.

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